Fediverse NaNoWriMo Community

Because community is what matters

This page serves as a non-exhaustive list of people on the Fediverse doing NaNoWriMo, for the purposes of building a community. If you’re interested in being on the list, message @amin@alpha.polymaths.social with the working title and synopsis of your project.

No one will be added to the list unless they ask for it.

Benjamin Hollon - Coriolis

Coriolis started as The Prodigal’s Brother, a serial novel intended to be published daily throughout 2023, but that stopped in February. This NaNoWriMo, I’ll be engaging in a full rewrite of the first several seasons (yes, the publishing structure will change). For a sample, here is a draft of the new prologue (despite appearances, it’s a Hard Sci-Fi novel).

Pixel - Project TBD

He’s still deciding exactly what to write, last I heard, but he’s a pretty cool guy. ;)

Matt (of The Linux Cast fame) - Project TBD

Nothing to share yet about the project, other than it’s fanfiction.

modulux - Project TBD

The commitment is made! We’ll see what the project is.

Rogue - Blog Posts

Rogue is writing blog posts for his site!

D. April Wick - Plot Rescue

Initially it looks like a cozy sapphic romance at the community garden. Then the local “green” housing developer gets involved. Then there’s climate disaster…

SeaFury - Brunhilde

It’s about a cat that disappears.

Monissa - Title TBD

There are antique postcards and she’s going to visit all of them.

Cathiza Cathington - Nineties Night Bus

A chance encounter on a London night bus reunites two estranged best friends after thirty years. Old traumas and teenage rebellions resurface, as they confront what destroyed their friendship and shaped who they are today.

OrbitalMartian - Lunar Voyager

A small group of characters followed along their journey to a new Lunar base by a second group of characters (bad people), who want to steal the new base, steal the hard work and sweat and blood that went into the first group’s work (finding the best spot and building the base). The full flung adventure has the first team investigating numerous devious incidents that seem to have come out of nowhere but one team member has a hunch that their every move was being watched.

Sylvia - The Inheritance

A woman inherits from a family member she never knew existed, and… TBD.

20thcenturyliterarymystery - Title TBD

A historical novel which follows lives from the late nineteenth century Raj to postwar New York.

Eve - Aftermath

Trying to come to terms with questions of identity in the wake of a world-shattering event.

High Mome Djecibel Aester - Trans Exiles

MC installs a corrupt, TOS-violating version of a grimdark sweaty NSFW fantasy survival RPG on their PC. After character creation they’re transported to the sweaty NSFW grimdark world in the body they just created, and realize they missed a chance to cure a lifetime of gender dysphoria! Join their rollicking sweaty journey of self-discovery and frustration.

Mystery Babylon - Radiant Inverse

A queer scifi adventure. Writathon: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/72693/radiant-inverse-a-psychological-scifi-adventure

bureaucratically approved girl - Onkytt

A Swedish contemporary fantasy novel.

Zoe Landon - Vicehunter

A fantasy tale of power and purpose. Exiled knight Rocko is just trying to make his world a little bit better–doing right by his friends, helping those in need, righting the wrongs of his homeland–but it’s always tricky when the gods seem to be against you. Assuming they are gods.

ivan - Marchintosh

A journey through the lives of four vintage Apple Macs, in a heartwarming and humorous novel that reads like a sitcom.

R.L. Dane

Aiming to write 10 blog posts this month.

The Scritcher - Bookends

Synopsis forthcoming.