Cookie Policy

This isn't the kind your grandma bakes

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer to help remember information about you (usually to make your experience better). For example, if you ever click “remember me” on a login page, the website uses a cookie to remember you.

The Cookies I Use

I use very few cookies and none of them are personally identifying unless I specifically tell you otherwise. Disabling cookies will not break my website.

Here are the ways I am aware of at the time of this writing that this site uses cookies:

I will do my best to update this list whenever I find a new use for cookies, but I cannot guarantee this list is up to date.

Third-Party Cookies

Sometimes, I need to use scripts or services from other websites. Some of these set cookies. This cookie policy does not apply to them and you should see their individual cookie policies.

To my knowledge, I do not at the time of this writing use any services that set third-party cookies! In the past, though, I have, and may do so again in the future.

Disabling Cookies

It is possible to disable cookies in your browser settings (the method differs by the browser, look up yours). Although this will not, for the most part, break my site (see above), it may break other websites, and I don’t recommend you disable cookies, as they’re often just to help you out.

I would, however, recommend blocking cross-site cookies, as these can track you between the different sites you visit. Your browser’s settings may vary on how to accomplish this, so do your own research. (And if you’re using Google Chrome, don’t.)

More Information

I hope this cleared up any questions you had. To sum up: I hardly use cookies, and never with personal information unless I specifically tell you; some external scripts or services may set cookies, so be careful about that; and it is possible to disable cookies, but you probably won’t like the result.

If you still have questions, you can contact me and I’ll work to help you resolve them.

This policy is effective as of October 23, 2022 and was updated for accuracy on March 22, 2023.