Here are some of the projects I've put together and decided were pretty good. Share and enjoy!


Project summary and links

Adds "like", "um", "y'know", and similar words randomly to websites.

Have you ever found yourself bored when reading a dry scientific article? Does research make your eyes go blurry? Have you find yourself searching desperately for an elusive way to have fun despite the dry diction of formal articles?

It sounds like you need Umify.

When you load a page, Umify automatically scans it and randomly adds in "um", "like", "y'know", and similar phrases at random intervals. Reading through a simple Wikipedia article can leave you laughing with tears of joy!

A full description can be found in the release announcement

Astronaut Counter

Project summary and links

Want to know how many people have been to space? Here's a detailed breakdown.

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

Learn Music Clefs

Project summary and links

An excellent tool when you want to learn a new clef, whether it's for band, choir, music theory, or just your own hobby.

I originally designed this when I wanted to learn Tenor clef but couldn't find any good resources. Realizing that other people might have the same problem, I extended the code to fit other clefs.

So far, the only clefs supported are Treble, Tenor, and Bass. More clefs can be added at request.

Photo by William Parsons on Unsplash

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