Words from my brain

Here's a list of all the writing I've had published or self-published.


I've published 33 poems here on my site for you to read. I write poetry for my amusement, not for profit, and I share them here so anyone can read and enjoy them.

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Fake Movie Blurbs

Microfiction, Mixed Genre

These are blurbs I wrote for imaginary movies. Share and enjoy! Don't take them too seriously.

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A Rainless Sky

Interactive Fiction, Mystery/Fantasy

An interactive murder mystery set in a fantasy world with a magic system of my own devising, A Rainless Sky explores causality, free will, and morality in a unique form inspired by choose-your-own-adventure novels.

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The Lonely Tuba

Short Story, Realistic Fiction

A neglected tuba sits in the rain. This was an experiment with language depicting color and with an inanimate object as the central figure.

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The Potato Paragraph—An Ongoing Saga

Paragraph, Horror

A chilling tail of potatoes and knives. And potatoes. And knives. Did I mention potatoes? The Potato Paragraph was born in November 2019 when one of my friends sent me the cryptic message "potatoes, potatoes everywhere." In response, I sent a four-sentence story that was the beginning of what is now the Potato Paragraph. Since then, the Potato Paragraph has been featured in scripts and stories I've written, updated each time to include more of the story that we all want more of.

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Keep checking back, I'll be listing more here soon!