how to draw a really bad partybone (archived post)

by benjamin hollon on april 23, 2020

Hey, everyone! It's International Trombone Week, so I drew a humorous little guide to drawing a celebratory trombone for you. Please excuse the low-quality scan.

How to Draw a Really Bad Partybone

Here are the different steps (in case you can't read one):

  1. Draw a nice, large oval.
  2. Add the curved bell.
  3. Draw the tuning slide, erase, and redraw.
  4. Add a shiny counterweight.
  5. Nice and straight...
  6. Keep it coming!
  8. Wow, this seems much longer from this side...
  9. Full stop.
  10. Draw a mouthpiece to help you feel better.
  11. Add braces.
  12. Add some cool shading. [Note: Some of the shading got cut out by the scan]
  13. Mysterious lines emanating from the bell...
  14. Add confetti and music.
  15. Realize how bad it is and add humorous instructions to cover up.

If you enjoyed that, please let me know in the comments!

This was my way of celebrating while stuck inside. To learn more about International Trombone Week and how you can celebrate, you can visit the International Trombone Association Website! You don't have to be a trombone player; even listening to some great trombone music is an amazing way to celebrate.

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