my technology manifesto (archived post)

by benjamin hollon on may 21, 2021

This article is a copy of my “Matrix Manifesto” assignment for my Media Literacy class. When relevant, I have linked to other blog posts of mine. Topics without links are likely to have some soon; I want to be thinking and writing about things like this more often.

I believe…

Technology does not have my best interests in mind.

AIs make choices without understanding their implications.

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Technology thrives by amplifying our own laziness and procrastinatory tendencies.

Read Quote Analysis: Laziness

Technology shifts power from experts to amateurs.

While appearing to connect us, Technology really isolates us.

Read It’s Not Selfish to Ask for Help

The News is motivated by power or profit, not the truth.

All media has its own syntax and style that influences its messages.

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In the media world, my attention is the most valuable currency.

Technology decontextualizes life and makes us forget the scope our actions affect.

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Technology lies to us that it can bring security about the future.

Read The Mayflower Compact: A Lesson in Fragility

Advertisements claim that happiness can be bought, but it can’t.

The media portrays an unrealistic and unattainable level of beauty and health.

I will…

Create barriers to limit my technology usage to specific and predetermined times.

Avoid, to the greatest extent practical, giving my personal information to websites.

Read Stop Using Chrome

Compare multiple news sources with opposing worldviews before making decisions based on what they say.

Turn off notification sounds on all my devices.

Take advantage of my powerful position as an amateur.

Ask how advertisements are trying to convince me.

Be proud of the body I have rather than try to chase after one I don’t.

Spend my attention wisely on things that will bring long-term benefits.

Be mindful about how my decisions affect the present and future.

Read Butterfly Prophecies

Always remember that there is more to life than the media shows me.


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